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A traditional greek Restaurant. Zorba's in Lassi is the Greek nite to experience. Live dancing 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You are assured a great nites food and entertainment. This family run Restaurant has been entertaining the crowds since the early 90's and the number of regular visitors year in year out is unbelievable. This is such a popular place and it's easy to see why. The entertainment is fun to watch and almost obligatory to join in.

Domestos and Christos entertain you dancing with tables and fire. How Christos doesn't burn his feet dancing on the fire or Domestos loose his teeth i'll never know! Soon it's your turn joining in with the sirtaki and table dancing! Movie clips of the dancing

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On the main road through Lassi, towards the end of the strip leading in the direction of the airport. On the right hand side next to 'Minas' a large well stocked supermarket.

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Zorbas continued

Zorbas is open all day 10am to midnite 7 days a week for good food and great atmosphere. Live entertainment is from 9.45 - 10.45 with dancing til midnite. The staff are English speaking, friendly, courteous and helpful. With lots of open windows and fans the restaurant is a cool respite from the summer heat and a great place for family entertainment. The children absolutely have a good time almost as much as the adult kids!

A separate bar area has an extensive drinks menu ranging from Greek coffee and cappucinos to milkshakes and soft drinks. They have a huge selection of wines and beers and an even bigger selection of cocktails!

restaurant kefalonia facilities key
Toilets yes
Payphone no
Visa/Mastercard yes
Children yes
Play areas yes
Sea views no
Views yes
Disabled yes
Vegetarian yes
Cappucino no
Parking yes

Beers -
Red wine 1ltr -
Greek salad -
Yogurt and honey-


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