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Roman Villa Skala

Roman Villa brief description

The roman villa is dated from the 2nd century and was probably destroyed by fire in the 4th century. It was discovered in 1957 during an excavation and has been of great interest because of its extremely well-preserved mosaics. Unfortunately thieves have damaged some of the mosaics but those that remain are worth viewing.

In the first room there is a mosaic depicting envy, shown being attacked by two sets of wild beasts- a tiger and lion at thebottom and a panther and leopard at the top). In the second room the mosaic depicts the sacrifice of some wild animals to gods.


Six rooms of the villa are preserved, an ante chamber three main rooms a smaller and an open courtyard. The villa is believed to have extended further but traces have been destroyed by a christian church built around the main room. This continued as a church until around the 10th Century AD when it to was destroyed by fire. An excellant and informative leaflet on the villa is available there. or from the Archaelogical Receipts fund in Athens. tel +30 325 3901-6


From the Crossroads in Skala where you will find the Kiosk, head down the main street towards the beach. Take the first road on the right (the corner is Noufaro restaurant) Follow this road to police station turn left (on the corner here is Galera restaurant) down a side street then take the first right. Follow this road to the end where it joins the main road around Scala. Almost directly opposite you is a small track down to a building housing the Roman Villa.

There are plenty of signs throught the village directing you to the Roman Villa you are sure not to miss it.

Open Tuesday - Sunday 8.30am until 3.00pm

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