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Welcome to the Noufaro restaurant, Skala. This is the only restaurant in Skala where the tables are surrounded by beautiful gardens and lush green lawns. The beautiful garden combined with great quality food will make your visit to Noufaro restaurant a pleasurable experience a must for any list of places to eat. Stavros is a very friendly host and speaks almost perfect English, as do most of the staff.

Noufaro Restaurant has a fantastic range of dishes, exotic and basic and a large selection of dishes unique to Noufaro. There are a good range of traditional Greek appetisers including cheese pies, home made sausage and giant beans. One of the most noticeable things about Noufaro's menu is the huge range of desserts and ice creams including lemon pie, creme caramel, banana splits and sweet crepes

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Noufaro is on the main street on the left hand side as you head up the main street towards the crossroads and cigarette kiosk. The entrance is through an archway that leads to the garden seating area. A separate entrance off the side road (to the police station) on your left leads to the bar and garden area.

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Noufaro comprises both a restaurant and evening bar. Open at 6:00pm, the restaurant stops serving at 12:00 and the bar stays open until 2:00am. The bar is unique as it is circular, you can sit surrounding the bar having a friendly chat with both the barman and the person across from you. The atmosphere, staff and scenery at Noufaro makes you happy to be there. All this makes it very difficult for you not only to leave but also to only visit this restaurant once or twice during your stay!

A separate bar area has an extensive drinks menu ranging from Greek coffee and cappucinos to milkshakes and soft drinks They have a huge selection of wines and beers and an even bigger selection of cocktails!

restaurant kefalonia facilities key
Toilets yes
Payphone no
Visa/Mastercard yes
Children yes
Play areas no
Sea views no
Views no
Disabled yes
Vegetarian yes
Cappucino yes
Parking yes

Beers -
Red wine 1ltr -
Greek salad -
Peper fillet mignon-
Crepes suzette-


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