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Agii Theodori Lighthouse

Agii Theodori Lighthouse a brief description

The Agii Theodori Lighthouse also known as Faros lighthouse is found on the Lassi Peninsula. Constructed from doric styled columns it is named after the area it is sited and the church Ay.Theodori.

Originally built and commissioned in 1829 by the then British governor Napier it was rebuilt to the original plans after an earthquake in 1875 destroyed it.


Agii Theodori Lighthouse is well worth a visit and a walk from Lassi or Argostoli, as there is much to see along the way. It is a great spot to see the spectacular sunsets, often a place where lovers come after dark to sit and wait for morning. Or chill out after a night at Bazookia.


Agii Theodori Lighthouse is located mid way between Argostoli and Lassi on the Finari road. Although you can drive there please consider a walk there, not far from here is the Katavothres and a few tavernas and restaurants. There are many things to see and enjoy along the road not least the scenery.

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