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Cyclopean walls

Cyclopean wall a brief desrciption

The Cyclopean walls are still standing and in places remain in wonderful condition. The huge blocks used to construct the wall are impressive by themselves. When you imagine how they came to be here, how perfectly aligned they are you will be amazed.

The Cyclopean walls date from the 7th century BC and remain one of the finest examples of fortification from this Era. Little is mentioned about the walls in tourist guides but they are well worth visiting and the views of Argostoli and the surrounding scenery only add to the experience.


In the area, is a former Doric temple of Demeter, an inscribed tiered base from this can be found in the Argostoli Archaeological museum.

The wall in places has fallen away or has been ravaged by the elements particularly acidic rainwater.


The Cyclopean walls are off the main road from Argostoli to Sami before you come to Razata there is a sign post to the right. Marked Cyclopean walls and Kranis. Follow this tarmac road which becomes a passable dirt road (the wall can be seen in the distance) until you reach a large open area where you can park. The remaining few meters can be made on foot.

To walk the wall you should have good walking boots or strong trainers and wear trousers to protect your legs from the prickly shrubs. My thanks to Karl & Zoe's son for posing in the pictures, to give you a sense of the size of these blocks in the wall.

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