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Patricia has been serving clients here for many years and prior to this she had a taverna in Lassi. She has a loyal and popular following among the many tourists here that visit each year. Equally famous are the hardworking waiter Tassos is always happy to help you.
Open from the morning until late at night Patricias serves breakfasts inc. Full English, Greek yogurt with fresh fruits and honey and omelets all until 12noon.

This is a traditional style taverna set right on the beach, straight out of Shirley Valentine with blue chairs, checkered table cloths and an uninterrupted view of the sea. The surf can be heard from your table and is very relaxing, sit back and enjoy the atmosphere that is only enhanced by a good meal. The surrounding plants, shrubs and tubs are a colourful contrast to the rich blues of the sea and sky.

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Situated at the foot of the road from Lourdas on the Beach front. You cant miss it a small attractive white and blue taverna with seating opposite under a gazebo area.View a 360 image of the restaurant

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Coffees and soft drinks are served, as well as beer and wine. If you need a bottle of water for the beach a large one is only €1.

Salads, pasta dishes and souvlaki from the grill are ideal light meals for the day time. At night you may feel more ready for the fillet steak in cream or pepper and Marsala sauce. Hot Starters include traditional village sausage, Meat balls, Dolmades, Stuffed peppers etc. Cold starters are Tzatziki, Taramasalata, Tiro kafteri (a spicy cheese spread) and Octopus in Vinegar.

restaurant kefalonia facilities key
Toilets yes
Payphone no
Visa/Mastercard yes
Children yes
Play areas no
Sea views yes
Views yes
Disabled yes
Vegetarian yes
Cappucino yes
Parking yes

Beers -
Red wine 1ltr -
Greek salad -
Chicken Souvlaki-
Yogurt and honey-


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