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Opened in 2002 Nadia and Makis who both formerly worked at White Rocks Hotel finally realised their dream to open a classic and contemporary bar, Muses. Muses which is from Classical Greece refers to 9 women 'who', of their time were considered socialites (party people). Muses is then a chic, classy and relaxed bar where one can party, relax or hold a function and even wedding reception. This truly beautiful garden terrace with tiles and shrubs can seat up to 100 but is ideal for parties of up to 40, a recent wedding held here proved a great success, if you are looking for a venue we recommend you contact her.

A small pond is a great childrens play area where they can play magnetic fishing. The evening sunset is gorgeous and changes rapidly to a midnight black specked with stars framed by mount Aenos behind and a view of lourdas bay in front. Full Internet Access is available with ISDN connection, catch up with and send your emails from here.

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Muses Cafe is mid way down the hill leading to Lourdas beach. It is the first bar you encounter on a bend just after the bridge.

Photo of Muses bar Lourdas kefalonia
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Nadia is very friendly and personable, Everyone we spoke to came here for the relaxed and friendly time they have here as well as the beautiful setting. Perhaps it's Nadia's natural sense of Finnish hospitality we're not sure, one thing you can be certain of though is a great time in good company.

Snacks are all freshly prepared and include hamburgers, fish 'n' chips club and toasted sandwiches. A choice of two salads and pizza by the slice, Muses salad comes with mouth watering chicken marinated in Teriyaki sauce served with ceasar dressing.
Cocktails are £4.40 except the muses special which at €4.80 is a delight. With around 30 cocktails on the menu and 100's more in Nadia's head you can't go wrong. Of course you will find long drinks, beers including Amstel on draught and spirits in copious amounts.

Photo of Muses bar Lourdas kefalonia Photo of Muses bar Lourdas kefalonia
bar kefalonia facilities key
Toilets yes
Payphone no
Visa/Mastercard yes
Children yes
Play areas yes
Sea views yes
Views yes
Disabled yes
Bar yes
Cappuccino yes
Parking yes
Live entertainment yes
Satellite TV yes
Internet access yes

Photo of Muses bar Lourdas kefalonia

Beers 1pint-
Cocktails -
Cappuccino -


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