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Alexander Restaurant on the main square in Argostoli is a Plush restaurant with outside seating on the Square itself. Open all year serving a variety of dishes from traditional Greek cusine, Italian pasta and Pizza dishes to a few unusual dishes such as Chinese hot red prawns.

Throughout the summer a full resume of Greek dancing is on offer three nights a week, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Participation is encouraged and you'll soon find yourself up dancing the Syrtaki around the restaurant. The belly dancer is a delight to see- of course i am biased I am a male after all ;-) Equally the table dance and fire dance is a marvel to watch and Paul has excellent technique in performing the various dances. An explanation of each is given in the Menu, for you to better appreciate the history and style of the dancing.

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Alexander restaurant is in the Vallianou Square [the main square] in Argostoli, At the top of the square near a Taxi rank - perfect if you are from outside of Argostoli!

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This a fun restaurant on dance nights and even when dancing isn't on offer it's a fun social atmosphere. Partly because Yanis(Johno) is a very funny guy and not shy of a few magic tricks! Ask him i am sure he'll find something to enterain the children- even you grown up ones!

As I mentioned this restaurant is open throughout the year. They have close ties to English and Greek traditions and offer a full English roast meal on Sundays. Yanis is from Australia and Paul is the brother of Mina and you may remember them both from Zorbas in Lassi. They always have time to catch up with old friends and for making new ones so don't be shy come in and say hello!

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Toilets yes
Payphone yes
Visa/Mastercard yes
Children yes
Play areas no
Sea views no
Views yes
Disabled yes
Vegetarian yes
Cappucino yes
Parking yes

Beers -
Red wine 1ltr -
Greek salad -
Lamb Kleftiko-


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