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Sites with photos and images of Kefalonia
  Silverfox images of Greece

Links to sites on Kefalonia or information on Greece
  Cephalonia's homepage
  www.grieksegids.nl Dutch site on Greece and Kefalonia
  Try Matt Barrett's sites on Greece they're informative and fun sites to read as well! www.greecetravel.com Matt Barrett's Reliable Information for travelers to Greece is an excellent way to plan your trip to Greece and the Greek islands, with links to travel agents in Greece, hotels in the Greek islands and other travel services and information sites.
  Discover Epirus in Greece Come and discover Epirus in western Greece, the lonely Beaches, find a accommodation, car rental, camping, charter a yacht.
  www.sonnenziele.net Good information in German for Greece and the islands
  www.bike-xp.com all about biking holidays on Kefalonia
  www.foi.org.net Friends of Kefalonia is part of Friends of the Ionian, a not-for-profit organisation working to make tourism more sustainable in the Ionian islands and Kefalonia.

Booking flights or holidays to Kefalonia direct.
  Find your flights and holidays at Cheapflights.co.uk - the No 1 guide to
travel deals www.cheapflights.co.uk
  Helios Villa Holidays was created to provide exclusive holiday accommodation in Kefalonia. Interiors to relax and refresh you, a home from home feel, that just makes Kefalonia very special.

Other links
  www.nervousturtle.co.uk - A friend of mine who has vast experience of the cruise line industry has written this site for all those who have often wanted to work in the industry but wanted to know more about it. THis site will answer your questions and help you get the job that you want in the cruise line industry.
  www.globalestate-leisure.com - A real estate company in turkey