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Postmehome.com Kefalonia is a holiday and tourist information guide to the bars, restaurants, hotels, beaches, tavernas, car hire and services on Kefalonia. The aim is to provide you the tourist / visitor a simple easy to use independent guide to planning your holiday here on Kefalonia.
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The capital of Kefalonia Argostoli, was serioulsy damaged by a quake in 1953 but has since been rebuilt to the original Kefalonia town layout and is now a cosmopolitan capital complete with seafront markets and designer boutiques.
The 1953 Kefalonia quake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale severely affected most of the villages on Kefalonia, with Fiscardo to the north being the only large town not to be severely affected. It hence holds the most original architecture with many of the Venetian style buildings in use today.
Lixouri is the capital of Palliki the penisular of Cephalonia opposite Argostoli and is connected by a local ferry.
Sami and Poros are the main transport links to Kefalonia, Sami more recently famous for becoming the site for a rebuild of old Argostoli in the Kefalonia box office hit film Captain Corelli's Mandolin
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