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www.postmehome.com is a tourist web site about the island of Kefalonia with links to sites of interest. We live here on the Island, which allows us to give you first hand information on the island and the restaurants, bars, accommodation, beaches etc., If we don't list a place yet believe me we are working towards getting it listed! If you have been here before and want to recommend somewhere send us an email. If when you are here on Holiday and find somewhere new, tell the owners about this site and us. If you visit any of the places listed here rember let the owner know you saw them here and leave a comment for all to view.

We know how important it is for you to be able to better plan your holiday by having information you can't find from the tour operator. Unfortunately Kefalonia is not as Internet ready as the UK and the businesses here don't understand how informative the internet is. It would assist us greatly if you mention our site to anyone you meet here and help us to help you perhaps on a future visit.

If you want to know more on a place and you can't find it on the web, and we will try and assist.

It would also help us if you let us know what you like about our site on Kefalonia and what we could do better. Don't worry! We accept any fair criticism! If it is not working for you then we aren't doing our job, which is to bring you, the tourist, the information you need. You can email us your comments or use our feedback form.