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Sami is the second busiest port on Kefalonia serving ferries to Corfu, Ithaki, Patras and Italy. Sami is a very charming working town with a long waterfront, lined with shaded restaurants and tavernas serving the locally caught fish of the day.
As well as the harbour with its many boats bobbing in the clear blue water looking like they are impatiently waiting for something to do. There are many sand & shingle beaches hugging the coastline from Sami to Agia Efimia to choose from. You can usually find a small cove or sheltered beach all to yourself or, if you prefer, there are many places to relax around the town with all the amenities at your disposal.

Sami is of course where most of the filming for Captain Corelliís Mandolin was made with a replica of old Argostoli built in its main square (it was so life like many dignitaries came from the mainland to see for themselves!). Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on your view point!) no evidence of the sets are left and the stars have long since gone.
Though many now return to Sami for their holidays .You can see many photos around the different bars and restaurants and hear from the local people about their different experiences. Nightlife in Sami is limited though, there are certainly some good bars which rock through to the small hours of the morning. As well as the late night tavernas serving snacks and cocktails.
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Mythos Restaurant
A firm favourite with locals & tourists Mythos is a friendly and welcoming restaurant set in a palm tree oasis in the centre of Argostoli.
More information on Sami
Though not a big residential resort, Sami is visited by coach loads of tourists every year due partly to the close proximity of Melissani Lake and the Drogarati caves. These natural wonders of the world are a must see, Melissani is a crystal clear turquoise lake where, sightseers are taken around by small row boat marvelling at the stalactites on the rocky walls above. The caves at Drogarati don’t have a lake but are still worth a visit.
Sami is not really a resort but a definite destination for people coming to the island. There is a lot of magic about the place and well worth a visit. Plenty of good accommodation is available, with many offering affordable prices.

Sami the Good
It's magical charm around the waterfront, the friendly cafes and restaurants. The location of Sami is excellent for sightseeing and touring the island. Boat trips and ferries are plenty here so its easy to get to and from island and the mainland. The beautiful scenery, clear blue coves surrounding this pretty town and former capital of Kefalonia.

Sami the Bad
Not really a resort and not an awful lot going on. When the ferry arrives so do the trucks and for 30mins or so the roads are full of large freight lorries thundering their way to their various destinations.
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