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Restaurants on Kefalonia

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Kefalonia has them all!

Restaurants, tavernas and grills.

Eating out in Kefalonia is more about a social dining experience than simply satisfying your hunger. To eat out like a Greek means to experience a meal with friends, and more particularly with family. That is why you will often see large tables filled later in the evening with a family of Greeks ordering dish after dish of "mezzes," what seems to be an endless series of starters and main courses. These often come in the order the chef cooks them, unlike the 'starter/main course/dessert' regime traditionally followed in the UK. A mixture of dishes is chosen and everyone helps themselves to a little of everything. Mixed with much talking and often laughter, meal time is a family time for the sharing of news and gossip.

Kefalonia offers a wide range of foods from the traditional greek menu, tavernas, Grills, souvlaki bars, restaurants, Italian, Chinese, Indian, western and much more. With a vast range of places to choose from you're sure to find somewhere and make it your favourite place. As anywhere, the quality and preparation of food varies from place to place. So when deciding where to eat it pays to look around and use your judgement to suit your own tastes. For greek food the best indication is to see where the locals choose to eat. For other styles of food people's reviews and comments here on site can be most helpful in choosing where to eat .

Restaurant Cover charge

At any eating establishment you will pay a cover charge of between €1 and €2. This covers the cost of laying your table and providing the bread. Often the restaurant will also include a small portion of 'tzatziki,' aubergine salad, oil and vinegar or, unfortunately now, a slice of butter. A good olive oil with a splash of vinegar is far tastier and much better for you than a lump of butter - do give it a try.


Perhaps the most renowned starter is the Greek salad. This lovely combination of ripe, juicy tomatoes, sweet and refreshing cucumber, red onion, herbs, mixed together in olive oil and with a generous slice of white, tangy 'Feta' cheese. Sometimes black olives are included. Greek salads are general lighter in dressings and combinations than those offered in many countries, such as the USA, but no less delicious for that.

Other starter dishes include 'Bean Gigantes' which are like butter beans cooked in a tomato sauce. The best examples have herbs and spices added to make a more appealing dish. Aubergine salad, Saganaki ( fried cheese), Taramasalata, Dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with herb flavoured rice and olive oil with lemon juice), Humus and of course Tzatziki (yoghurt dip with cucumber and garlic) if you're dining as a couple I suggest both of you eat the humus or tzatziki rather than only one of you ;-)

Greek Main meals

Lamb Kleftiko is a casserole. It can also be made from rabbit or beef. This is baked in an aluminium foil (sometimes paper is used) parcel with herbs, tomatoes, onion, potatoe and garlic. When cooked correctly this is a melt-in-your-mouth, flavourful dish that comes highly recommended.

Moussaka is a minced lamb dish layered with potatoes, aubergines and white sauce (typically a bechemal sauce as would be used in Lasagna).

Stifado is typically a casserole. Often made with veal, but also lamb, beef and rabbit. Slow cooked with onion, tomatoes, herbs and vinegar with a generous helping of garlic.

Soutsoukakia are sausage shaped pieces of minced beef, pork or veal. Mixed with herbs and spices, they also come shaped round, like meat balls. Soutsoukakia are always delicious as good cuts of lean meat are used to produce them and they are served in a tomato sauce.

Pastitsio is a layered pie of minced meat, macaroni and a tomatoe and white sauce dish with melted cheese.

Kefalonian Pies

Kefalonia is rightly famous for it's pies. The Kefalonian meat pie is traditionally made from rice and three meats: lamb, beef and pork. The pastry will either be a hard (salt crust) or a puff pastry.

Other pies include, cheese pie (sometimes served as a starter), cod, octopus, artichoke, and leek pies.

Grilled food

Often now the tavernas and restaurants of Kefalonia cook over gas. If you find one still using charcaol then prepare to be rewarded with fuller flavoured dishes. Especially souvlaki (skewered meat) which can be pork, chicken or veal. Flavoured with oregano and a lemon garlic marinade, souvlaki tastes infinitely better from the charcoal grill. I also enjoy fish that has been cooked on a charcoal grill.

Fish on Kefalonia

Unfortunately this is not the best of islands for fresh fish; you'll find better on the Aegean islands. Some fresh fish is available in addition to a good range of frozen fish. In general, much of the calamari and giant prawns you will eat on Kefalonia are from frozen. Fresh fish is sold by the Kilo and costs around €35 to €50 depending on the variety of fish. Typically, a portion of fish for one would amount to 400-500g (1/2Kg or 1.1lbs).

The cheaper fresh fish dishes are white bait and sardines.

At some restaurants you may find freshly caught lobster, tuna, sea bream, red and grey snapper, sea bass and cod, along with several other fish.

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