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Poros is a port and a working fishing village. It is a perfect place to stay, to relax and watch the world go by. The charming waterfront lined with palm trees and benches allow you to rest a while. Watch the boats bobbing in the harbour feel the sleepy lost in time atmosphere that seems to captivate you as soon as you arrive in Poros.
Although Poros is one of the main ports of Kefalonia it does not have the hustle and bustle of Argostoli or some of the busier resorts like Skala. It does have the usual bars, tavernas and restaurants but all them are presented tastefully and of a high quality in keeping with the rest of the village.
Souvenir gift shops, mini markets, fresh local produce and a bank with a cash point can be found around the side streets so it's worth exploring the village. The restaurants and bars tend to be dotted about but there is a good selection.
The waterfront has a large paved area where they play live music and hold local festivals.
Boat trips are available from the harbour and are well worth checking out as they tend to be locally run, interesting and good value for money. The beach is clean, easy to get to and has water sports and parking.
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Mythos Restaurant
A firm favourite with locals & tourists Mythos is a friendly and welcoming restaurant set in a palm tree oasis in the centre of Argostoli.
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Nightlife like many places on the island can be limited however here, the standard of the bars and restaurant entertainment is very good. The local people are warm and very friendly. Many of the bars here are open all year round. If you're looking for a night club the 'Cave' (Spilio club) open air disco is a short drive from the village but you do need transport to get back.

Poros the Good
Its tranquility and natural beauty, the waterfront with its wild flowers and relaxing cafes and bars. This village is not so much a resort but a working community which for a short time you become part of and is place you will come back to time and time again.

Poros the Bad
This is a small village so you might run out of places to go of a night time and probalbly more suited to the older generation than the younger teenagers.
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