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This is a quiet and quaint picteresque town which is very popular with the yachting flotillas that appear religously thougout the summer months. Its easy to see why, with a long harbour and quay side cafes and bars and numerous little restaurants all nesteled at the foot of the surrounding mountains.

Captivating views of the island of Ithaki and watching the sun go down is one of the reasons most of the action is stituated along the quay side, so if want some where to relax and unwind while you watch the world go by this is the place.

As well as a mini market and gift shops there are also a few good late night music bars to while away the evening in however thatís about it most of the people just take it slow and enjoy the evening with a stroll after a good meal at one of the local restaurants.

There are some boat trips from here as well as the daily ferry to Ithaki which is well worth a visit
In general this is a low key, laid back town, for people who want to come and unwind without tacky tourist shops every few feet along the street.
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Mythos Restaurant
A firm favourite with locals & tourists Mythos is a friendly and welcoming restaurant set in a palm tree oasis in the centre of Argostoli.
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The wonderfull thing about Agi Efimia is the friendllness there, you are always welcomed by the owners or staff like you were part of there family or a long lost relative even if it was your first time there.

Agia Efimia the Good
Its peacefullness and laid back charm, the views of Ithaca and the mountain scenery. Its friendlenss from all the people that live and work there.

Agia Efimia the Bad
Limited nightlife and things to do, not really suitable for the youngsters except for a day out . This town is really for the people who want to get away fom it all with the most important decision being where to eat.
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